Whilst it is true that we have a strict non-disclosure policy, that doesn’t mean that our Clients don’t have good things to say about us. Here are some of the positive comments and testimonials that our clients have been kind enough to pass back to us:

Online Software Provider - United Kingdom

"Online merchants face an avalanche of data requirements in order to stay competitive. With tools such as Competitor Price Watch, relevant data is made simple to act on and keep on top of the game."

Client Since February 2013

Kitchen Appliance Manufacturer - United Kingdom

"The beauty of the information Competitor Price Watch provides is that it is easy to access, simple to understand and with the daily updates, always relevant. The online channel is an ever changing, fast paced environment and Competitor Price Watch matches it stride for stride."

Client Since April 2014

Musical Instruments Supplies – United Kingdom

“We're in a fast paced and highly competitive industry. Competitor Price Watch allows us to stay competitive and often ahead of the game. It's been an invaluable tool for us”

Client Since October 2012

Car Parts and Motor Spares – The United States of America

“Competitor Price Watch has provided us with an easy to use, customizable tool, allowing us to maintain a clear, up to date position in the marketplace. With daily streamlined competitor updates, a previously labor intensive task is now easily viewable and most importantly, actionable”

Client Since May 2012