Frequently Asked Questions

How is Competitor Price Watch different and better than any other price checking service?

In a word – ACCURACY. We have always used people to make product matches and whilst competitors might offer a cheaper alternative, it is worth noting that a generic script-controlled spider program or 'bot scraper', would never be able to match a human when it comes to comparing products and prices online. We offer 'like-for-like' matching with an unrivalled ability to identify products, even if they are described totally differently. We pride ourselves on our 98% accuracy which when compared to the industry average 40%-60% bot scrape, well its really no comparison at all . . .

How do you monitor my competitor's prices?

Once we have uploaded your product data and accurately matched your competitor's products, then, on an agreed schedule, the system will automatically visit each product web page and check each price for movement.

With what frequency do you watch my competitor's prices?

We can monitor your competitor's prices to whatever schedule you require. In a fast moving market your competitors may change prices many times daily, so we would check more often. However, if your area of e-commerce is not as frantic, we can monitor your competitor's prices on a daily/weekly/monthly basis or on whatever pattern you require in order for you to maintain your market position.

How will monitoring my competitor's prices make me money?

Many new clients are focused on not being seen as more expensive by comparison. However, the majority are surprised when they discover just how many of their products are under-priced. Many are able to increase prices, still be the cheaper option and straight away experience the Competitor Price Watch uplift.

Is it possible to monitor competitor prices in a global marketplace and in different currencies?

It doesn't matter if the company that you are trying to match against is in a different country and/or selling in a different currency. Our price monitoring tool will be aware of the differences and, using the latest exchange rates, will calculate your competitor's price in the currency of your choice.

Some of my competitors might try to block you from checking their prices. Does that mean that you would not be able to monitor them?

It is true that, from time to time, a competitor might attempt to put some kind of block in place to prevent us from reading their publicly available data. It is also true that our in-house developers love a challenge and have not yet failed to find a way around these barriers. It is important to say that we do not, and would never 'hack' websites, nor do we use illegal methods to obtain competitor data. We only collate prices freely available in the public domain.

Can I try the Competitor Price Watch System for free before I commit to signing up?

We offer a 14 day free trial of up to 100 matches that will allow you to see exactly how the system works and how useful it can be. You are under no obligation when you take up this offer and no credit card or other details are required or will be taken from you.

What is the minimum subscription term?

There is a minimum three month subscription contract term and after this we require one calendar month's notice of cancellation from your regular payment date.

What does it cost and how long does it take to set up?

The Competitor Price Watch service is hugely cost effective but the actual cost to you will vary depending upon how many products you want to monitor against how many competitors. For a no obligation quote tailored to your specific requirements please contact us and we will be happy to take you through the process. Please note that there is also a one-off 'Set Up' charge, again based on the number of price matches that you would like to make, however If you opt to self-drive and make all of the price matches yourself there is no up-front charge and you can start straight away.