About Us

At Competitor Price Watch we pride ourselves on not only providing the most accurate data, but also a truly personal service. Our underlying goal with every client is to establish a great business relationship and help them make more money.

The employment of real people to make the initial matching means that our data is almost unbelievably accurate. People are the backbone of Competitor Price Watch, so at every stage of your experience, from account setup to your tenth year with us, you are cared for with a human touch.

We have been trading now for 6 years, and we have gone from strength to strength. Constantly adapting and enhancing our software, as well as continuing to welcome clients on an international scale. We exclusively monitor online retail shops, but can provide invaluable information to retailers and manufacturers as well.

Competitor Price Watch was born out of a need to ensure competitor prices were being reported on accurately. We fully embrace this, and believe our solution to be a vital component for anyone selling online.