The Premium Price Watch Service

Competitor Price Watch is the original and best price monitoring service for online retailers. We take huge pride in being able to present the most accurate and meaningful data and we will work with you to ensure that you gain the maximum return from your investment.

  • Human

    We have a team of experienced data operatives who set up the service for each customer, thereby ensuring your data is as accurate as humanly possible. This gives us an industry leading accuracy of 98% which no automated 'bot', 'spider' or 'scraper' can match.

  • Maximise
    Your Margins

    Our service can help create an uplift in sales and simultaneously reduce cart abandonment. This increase in turnover and profitability contributes directly to the bottom line and handily offsets the subscription cost.

  • Bespoke
    To Your Business

    With features designed specifically for the online retailer and developed from more than ten years of online retail experience, our service is designed to fit your business, complement your systems and ensure that you receive maximum benefit.

  • Dynamic

    Tell us your pricing strategy and we tell you when, where and how to adjust your prices to increase sales and improve efficiency.

    It's not just about dropping prices, it's also about adjusting prices upwards when appropriate, making sure that even if your aim is to be the cheapest in the market you still make the most out of every sale.

  • Personal
    Account Manager

    At Competitor Price Watch we have one simple goal: to provide, without compromise, the very best price comparison service available.

    From Day 1 we provide a named account manager who will work with you to ensure that the service matches your requirements, develops according to your expectations and delivers the ROI you need.

  • Confidentiality

    We value and understand the importance of your anonymity. Unlike some other price monitoring solutions, we won't use your name in order to promote our own business. We have a strict non-disclosure policy, and we always will.